These photos are a documentation of my time in the incredible country of India -  6 nights in Mumbai and 5 nights in Goa. taken mostly on my Phone and digital point and shoot camera, these photos to me represent the most eye opening trip I have ever been on. From the beautiful beaches of Goa into the depths of the poverty of the slums and dhobi ghat, I will never forget what I witnessed. 
We started in the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Mumbai. during our stay we visited the dhobi Ghat (A 140 year old human powered washing machine), elephant island, Bollywood studios, street markets, Gateway of India and so much more. on my immediate Arrival I realised Mumbai was a place like no other. the pungent smell of spices, pollution visible on my clothing and Traffic rules were non existent. thousands of rickshaws piled the streets, weaving in and out of pedestrians who wandered the roads. the highlight of my stay in Mumbai was elephant island. we traveled for an hour in a taxi (which totalled just £6!) down to the gateway of India, where we took a boat ride for nearly another hour on the most rickety and full boat I have ever been on. But it was so worth it. The beauty of the island was something I thought I would never see in Mumbai. native Monkeys roamed free and the architecture of the caves was in pristine condition despite the flocking tourists. the view from the top was very steep but made easier by the worlds spiciest Biryanis on the way back down. 
Whilst Mumbai was the most eye opening experience - from seeing hundreds of people homeless and children begging on the streets to high rise towers for the rich - Goa was the place I fell In love with. filled with tropical beaches full of immense beauty and people with the kindest hearts, Goa was the perfect place to relax after the chaoticness of Mumbai. A particular favourite memory was watching the sun go down on the beach at mish Mars hut sipping cocktails that cost £2 and eating curries that I can still taste the flavours of. the last day in Goa will be one I remember forever. walking in the sunrise beams of Majorda with a friend we picked up on the way, I named her sunny, on our way to kayaking in the backwaters spotting birds like bald eagles and kingfishers. it was surreal.
 I can't wait to go back.

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